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Negotiating a pay rise

The key ingredients to landing a pay increase are planning, preparation and communication. Stick to these core components and, assuming you have a good sense of your abilities and your company, you're in with a good chance of success.

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Internships in the retail industry

What better way to gain experience and insight with a retail company than to start with an internship? It allows you to get a feel for a company and learn on the job; plus, it can lead to full-time employment.

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Image: store manager

The essential qualities store managers need

It can be difficult to know what recruiters look for in a store manager candidate. We caught up with Julia Howgego, head of recruitment and HR at Tripp Ltd. to get the lowdown on what she looks for.

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How to succeed in retail jobs

How do you climb the retail ladder without falling off and hurting yourself? Find out how Sarah Rotheram, CEO of Penhaligons did it.

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